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Duplicate Bridge (Sept/14)

Districts are encouraged to follow the technical information and guidelines found within this manual at all times.  When changes are necessary at the District level, participants who qualify for Ontario 55+ Winter Games must be made aware that the following rules will be in use at Ontario 55+ Winter Games.

Novice -Two (2) Person Team

Open Division - Two (2) Person Team (open to ACBL Life Masters with 300-1500 pts)
The gold medal teams at the district level are eligible to attend the Ontario 55+ Winter Games; therefore, each district may send a maximum of four (4) participants.

Any persons not present at the scheduled commencement of play and throughout the competition are in default and are automatically disqualified from the competition. Competitors are obligated to complete the competition regardless of their record in the competition. If a team defaults part way through the competition, the results of that team will be removed from the standings. The organizers will have an extra team available to play as a “floater” team in case there is an uneven number of teams or in case a team defaults. This team’s results will not count in the final standings.

If there are any questions about rulings, the OSGA Winter Games Technical Manual will be considered correct.


District Games - Any person 55+ living in Ontario

Ontario 55+ Winter Games  - Gold Medal Winners - District competition

NOTE: Previous Ontario 55+ Summer and Winter Games and Canada Games winners are still eligible to compete at the District and Ontario 55+ Winter Games level.

Eligibility Restrictions:  

  • Players who are ACBL Life Masters are ineligible, to play in the Novice Division except those players who are 75+ and no longer competing actively in ACBL events.
  • Novice division is for duplicate bridge players who are beginners at tournaments play with very few points.
  • Open Division is for Duplicate Bridge players who are  ACBL life masters with required number of tournament points or are players who have accumulated many points at ACBL sanctioned tournaments.

  1. At least 36 boards should be played each day (18 morning/18 afternoon. To make the weighting of N-S play equal that of E-W play, the same number of boards are played each day.
  2. The number of teams entered will determine the number of boards that will be played.
  3. Games will be scheduled so that all participants play against as many different opponents as possible.

Determining the Winners  

  1. In the case of a tie, the same medal will be awarded to both teams. If there is a tie for Gold, no Silver medal will be awarded. If there is a tie for Silver, then no Bronze medal would be awarded. If there is a tie for Bronze, both teams will receive Bronze.


Gold (4)     One (1) per team member per division
Silver (4)   One (1) per team member per division
Bronze (4)  One (1) per team member per division


American Bridge League (ACBL) rules will apply with the exceptions listed under “Tournament Set-Up” and “Duplicate Bridge Rules Summary”.

Websites (see ACBL Score on side menu)



  1. 20 regulation size card tables.
  2. 1 new deck of standard bridge playing cards for each board in play
  3. Duplicate Boards (at least 30)
  4.  Player/Table assignment forms (one per team)
  5. ACBL Convention Sheets (one per competitor)
  6. Scoring Travelers (one per board)
  7.  Pencils


  1. The facility must be well illuminated and large enough to appropriately space 20 regulation size card tables.
  2.  The facility should be air-conditioned.


The OSGA requires at minimum the following officials for Ontario 55+ Winter Games.
For District Games, the following are only a suggestion.  Participation numbers and availablity of volunteers may result in fewer officials being required.  Districts are encouraged to try to have the necessary officials to run the event successfully.
One (1) Convenor

One (1) Director (Official ACBL Director)

The host committee will ensure that all major officials have the required qualifications as specified by the OSGA at least one (1) year prior to Ontario 55+ Winter Games. The host committee is also responsible for any other officials required to run this event.


The Convention Card
  1. Before you play, you and your partner need to fill out a convention card. A convention card is just that: a card that shows the conventions you use along with your general approach to bidding. At first sight, the card can be intimidating. Don’t worry about filling it out in detail. You’ll see that it already has common conventions such as Stayman and Blackwood used by many social players. Dozens of other conventions exist to describe various hands, and you’ll discover some you enjoy using.
  2. Duplicate bridge is a sport and sports have rules. The rules ensure that the game is fair for everyone. You’re not expected to memorize the entire Laws of Duplicate Bridge. But don’t hesitate to politely call the director to your table if you think a rule has been broken. Never be intimidated when the director is called because you may have broken a rule. Director rules are just another learning experience. A good director will present the ruling in a manner that doesn’t embarrass or offend anyone. Accept rulings with grace
  3. Bridge is as friendly as the players and it’s important to be a good partner and opponent. Thank your partner when she puts down the dummy. Wish the opponents good luck before you start the game. Don’t get upset about a bad result. Instead, start fresh with the next 13 cards. Successful partnerships will discuss difficult hands and situations where something went wrong after the session in private. Bridge is a game. Have fun!