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Slo-Pitch (Jan /16)

Districts are encouraged to follow the technical information and guidelines found within this manual at all times.  When changes are necessary at the District level, participants who qualify for Ontario 55+ Summer Games must be made aware that the following rules will be in use at Ontario 55+ Summer Games .

FORMAT:  Two (2) Divisions
Competitive Mixed Team - Open
Recreational Mixed Team
(Three-quarters (3/4) of the team must be recreational level players who only play in local recreational leagues and do not play in tournaments outside their regular league play. )

A team will consist of a minimum of 12 players to a maximum of 15 players + one (1) coach (who must be eligible to play in case of injury but may not be used to meet age/gender requirements).


There must be a minimum of 3 females on the team, 2 of which must be on the field at all times.

There must be a minimum of 3 players 65+ (men or women) on the team,2 of which must be on the field at all times.

The gold medal team at the district is eligible to attend the Ontario 55+ Summer Games ; therefore, each district can send a maximum of thirty (30) participants.

Any persons not present at the scheduled commencement of play and throughout the competition are in default and are automatically disqualified from the competition. Competitors are obligated to complete the competition regardless of their record in the competition. If a team defaults part way through the competition, the results of that team will be removed from the standings. The organizers will have an extra team available to play as a “floater” team in case there is an uneven number of teams or in case a team defaults. This team’s results will not count in the final standings.

If there are any questions about rulings, the OSGA Summer Games Technical Manual will be considered correct.

ELIGIBILITY:NOTE: Eligibility for each division (recreational, competitive) TBA in early 2016.

District Games - Any person 55+ living in Ontario

Ontario 55+ Summer Games   - Gold Medal Winners - District competition

NOTE: Previous Ontario 55+ Summer and Winter Games and Canada Games winners are still eligible to compete at the District and Ontario 55+ Summer Games level.


  1. Play will be Round Robin format, followed by a playoff, if time permits
  2. Games will be 7 innings in length, no inning shall start after one hour and 15 minutes from the scheduled starting time except for tie games and final games. In round robin games, ties will stand and 1 point will be awarded.
  3. The number of diamonds available and the number of teams entered will determine the number of points per game and the number of games per match so that the round robin and playoffs can be completed in the allotted time.
Determining the Winners
  1. In the Round Robin, the winning team in any game will be awarded two (2) tournament points. The losing team will receive zero (0). In the case of a tie, one (1) tournament point will be awarded to both teams.
  2. If possible, playoffs will consist of a Medal Round and a Consolation Round.  The split will be determined by the number of teams participating.  No more than 8 teams will qualify for the Medal Rounds.
  3. Placings in the Round Robin will determine seeding for the playoff format.
  4. In the event of a tie, the placements for medal rounds will be decided:
    a. Results of head to head games
    b. If necessary, team with least # runs scored against them
    c. If necessary, team with most # runs scored 
    d. If necessary, a short game between tied teams with the international rule of placing the first batter on second base for each team in each inning will be played until the tie is broken.
Gold (16)     Competitive Division -  One (1) per team member
Silver (16)    Competitive Division -  One (1) per team member
Bronze (16)  Competitive Division -  One (1) per team member 
Gold (16)      Recreational Division -  One (1) per team member
Silver (16)     Recreational Division -  One (1) per team member
Bronze (16)   Recreational Division -  One (1) per team member  

Slo-Pitch National – Official Slo-Pitch Rules (current year) with exceptions noted under “Tournament Set-Up” and “Slo-pitch Rules Summary.”

Websites (Slo Pitch Ontario)



  1. An Easton “incrediball” or appropriate “solow impact" ball for the age group will be used.
  2. Milken Ultra 11 and titanium bats, so labeled will not be allowed. The A.S.A. list of illegal bats will apply. Bats must be labeled 1.20 BPF
  3. Metal cleats must not be worn. 4. A safe-t-base is to be used at first.
  1. Home plate- rubber or other suitable material measuring 2 feet (61 cm) by 3 feet (91.44 cm).
  2. Bases will be 55 feet. (16.76 metres)(Distance from home to second base through the pitching mound is 77 feet and 9 inches (23.70 metres))
  3. The pitching box will be between 35 to 40 feet (10.67 – 12.19 metres) (at the player’s discretion) from home plate.
  4. All bases must be secured in a proper manner.
  5. There will be a scoring line (extended first base line) drawn from home plate.
  6. All bases must be secured in a proper manner.


The OSGA requires at minimum the following officials for Ontario 55+ Summer Games .

For District Games, the following are only a suggestion.  Participation numbers and availablity of volunteers may result in fewer officials being required.  Districts are encouraged to try to have the necessary officials to run the event successfully.

One (1) Activity Convenor

Two (2) Umpires per diamond

One (1) Scorekeeper per diamond 

The host committee will ensure that all major officials have the required qualifications as specified by the OSGA at least one (1) year prior to Ontario 55+ Summer Games. The host committee is also responsible for any other officials required to run this event.


  1. There will be a 5-run maximum rule except for the seventh and extra innings, which shall be open. Once a team scores five (5) runs in an inning, or three (3) outs, that half of the inning is over.
  2. A ten (10) run “mercy rule shall be in effect after 5 innings. (4 ½ if the “home” team is ahead).
  3. There can be only eleven (11) players on the field. A team must have 11 players in order to finish the game.
  4. Players must wear visible numbers, a minimum of four inches in height.
  5. At any given time there must be at least two (2) females on the field and two (2) players 65+. (A female could satisfy both requirements)
  6. If the minimum 2 females defensively (no substitute available) cannot be maintained due only to an injury or illness occurring during the game, a defensive team may play one (1) female short. The opposing team will have the option of playing one (1) less female also.
  7. The batting order must remain constant. The players playing defensively may be changed at any time as long as there are no more than 11 defensive players and the age/gender requirements are met.
  8. All players must be in the batting order.
  9. Each team can have on a player (male or female) due to illness or injury, passed over in batting order with no penalty. In the instance where a second player, due to illness or injury, cannot take their place in the batting order, an “out” will be declared.
  10. Male and females must alternate in the top four (4) batter positions (male, female, male, female or vice versa). Where a team has more than three (3) females, the remaining females may appear anywhere in the batting order.
  11. If a male batter is walked, the following female batter shall have the option of batting or accepting a walk.
  12. Players that require a pinch runner should be designated prior to the start of the game. (Unless injured during the game)
  13. A batter must reach first base before a pinch runner may be considered.
  14. Up to two (2) pinch runners can be used per inning. The last out should be used and should be of the same sex if at all possible. (The runner just put out may be excused) A pinch runner may not run more than once in an inning.
  15. Safe-t-base is to be used at first base.
  16. If the hit ball stays in the infield the runner must touch the outside of the safe-t- base (orange) at first base. The defensive player must touch the inside of the safe base (white)
  17. A runner commitment line is to be in effect on third base. Once a player crosses the commitment line (located 20 feet (6.10 metres) from home plate), he/she may not return to third base. A “safe” line (extension of the 1st base line) at home plate will extend 10’ (3.05 metres) from 3rd base line. The base runner must cross or touch this line before the catcher touches home plate while in control of the ball. NOTE: The base runner must not touch home plate. It is an out if touched.
  18.  NO SLIDING is permitted when advancing to a base and any player so sliding will be called “out”. A player may slide or dive in returning to a base.
  19. A player is allowed one anticipation step but cannot advance until the ball is hit fair.
  20.  Runners will be called out and could be ejected from the game for contact with a defensive player, if in the umpire’s judgment, the contact was deliberate or the runner could reasonably have been expected to minimize or avoid contact under the circumstances and failed to do so. Defensive interference will also be called.
  21. The batter will be called out on third strike foul ball.
  22. Bunting shall NOT be permitted.
  23. Outfielders must remain on the outfield grass (or at least 15 feet (4.47 metres) behind the base lines) until the batter hits the ball. Infielders must remain behind the base lines until the batter hits the ball.
  24. A pitch must be between a low of six (6) feet (1.83 metres) and a high of twelve (12) (3.66 metres) feet. A pitch outside these limits will be considered a” ball”.