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August 16-19, 2016 
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November 2015
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Regional 55+- 2015
Ontario 55+ Games
Golf (Jan/16)

Districts are encouraged to follow the technical information and guidelines found within this manual at all times.  When changes are necessary at the District level, participants who qualify for Ontario 55+ Summer Games must be made aware that the following rules will be in use at Ontario 55+ Summer Games .

Men`s Divisions:
Callaway-55+, 65+, 75+

Women`s Divisions:

Callaway-55+, 65+, 75+

The gold medal winner in each of the six (6) groupings at the district level are eligible to attend the Ontario 55+ Summer Games; therefore, each district can send a maximum of six (6) participants (three (3) men and three (3) women).
Any persons not present at the scheduled commencement of play and throughout the competition are in default and are automatically disqualified from the competition. Competitors are obligated to complete the competition regardless of their record in the competition. If competitor defaults part way through the competition, the results of that competitor will be removed from the standings. 

If there are any questions about rulings, the OSGA Summer Games Technical Manual will be considered correct.


District Games - Any person 55+ living in Ontario

Ontario 55+ Summer Games - Gold Medal Winners - District competition

NOTE: Previous Ontario 55+ Summer and Winter Games and Canada Games winners are still eligible to compete at the District and Ontario 55+ Summer Games level.

Eligibility Restrictions:  

  • None
  1. An 18 hole competition will be held the first and second day (weather permitting)
Determining the Winners
  1. An aggregate score of the two (2) days will determine the winner only if all players complete the 36 holes. If for some reason all golfers do not finish the second 18 holes, medals will be awarded based on the first 18 holes of competition.
  2. In Callaway, ties will be decided by lowest handicap.

Gold (6)

Ladies 55+ : Callaway          Men 55+ : Callaway

Ladies 65+ : Callaway          Men 65+ : Callaway
Ladies 75+ : Callaway          Men 75+ : Callaway 

Silver (6) 

Ladies 55+ : Callaway          Men 55+ : Callaway

Ladies 65+ : Callaway          Men 65+ : Callaway
Ladies 75+ : Callaway          Men 75+ : Callaway 

Bronze (6)

Ladies 55+ : Callaway          Men 55+ : Callaway

Ladies 65+ : Callaway          Men 65+ : Callaway
Ladies 75+ : Callaway          Men 75+ : Callaway 


Rules of golf according to the Royal Canadian Golf Association are in effect, with the exceptions listed under “Tournament Set-Up” and “Golf Rules Summary.”




  1. Equipment is anything used, worn or carried by or for the player, except any ball he/she has played and any small object such as a coin or tee when used to mark the position of a ball or the extent of an area in which a ball is to be dropped.
  2. Equipment includes a motorized golf cart.
  3. If more than one (1) player shares a cart, its status under the rules is the same as that of a caddie employed by more than one (1) player.
  4. Electronic devices may be used for determining distance to the pin provided all players in the cart are allowed to use the device. 


The OSGA requires at minimum the following officials for Ontario 55+ Summer Games t.

For District Games, the following are only a suggestion.  Participation numbers and availablity of volunteers may result in fewer officials being required.  Districts are encouraged to try to have the necessary officials to run the event successfully.

One (1) Activity Convenor

Two (2) Scorekeepers

One (1) Floater out on course 

The host committee will ensure that all major officials have the required qualifications as specified by the OSGA at least one (1) year prior to Ontario 55+ Summer Games The host committee is also responsible for any other officials required to run this event.

  1. Adherence to all club rules.
  2. See appendix A – Callaway system.
  3. If a tie occurs , the lowest calculated handicap by the Calloway system shall determine the winner.  If there is still a tie, then retrogression shall be used.  Retrogression starts at the 18th hole backward.  The person that has the first score that is higher than the others is determined the winner.

By Lionel F. Callaway, Golf Professional, Pinehurst, North Carolina

Under the Callaway System, a player`s handicap is determined after each round by deducting from his/her gross score for the 18 holes, the scores of the worst individual holes during the first 16 holes.  The table below shows the number of "worst holes" scores he/she may deduct and the adjustment to be made, based on his/her gross score.

If the gross score for 18 holes is 96, he/she turns to the table below and opposite the score, finds that he/she may deduct the three (3) worst holes scored on holes 1 through 16 inclusive.  Therefore, if he/she had an 8, 9 and a 7, his/her handicap totals 24.  From this total, further plus or minus adjustment is made according to the total adjustment shown at the bottom of each column.  For a gross score of 96, the adjustment requires a deduction in a final handicap of 22.  Therefore, 96 minus the handicap equals a net score of 74.

    70 71 72 Scratch - No Adjustment
73 74 75 - - ˝ worse hole & Adjustment
76 77 78 79 80 1 worse hole & Adjustment
81 82 83 84 85 1 ˝ worse hole & Adjustment
86 87 88 89 90 2 worse hole & Adjustment
91 92 93 94 95 2 ˝ worse hole & Adjustment
96 97 98 99 100 3 worse hole & Adjustment
101 102 103 104 105 3 ˝ worse hole & Adjustment
106 107 108 109 110 4 worse hole & Adjustment
111 112 113 114 115 4 ˝ worse hole & Adjustment
116 117 118 119 120 5 worse hole & Adjustment
121 122 123 124 125 5 ˝ worse hole & Adjustment
126 127 128 129 130 6 worse hole & Adjustment
          Maximum handicap - 50
-2 -1 0 +1 +2 Add or Deduct to Handicap

  • No hole may be scored twice its par
  • Half strokes count as a whole
  • The 17th and 18th holes are never deducted
  • In case of ties, lowest handicap takes preference